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Battalion Chief Brian Patten is the City Fire Marshal and is charged with leading the Fire Prevention Bureau. He is tasked with fire code enforcement - ensuring a safer environment for us all. Brian has been in the fire service for over 16 years and has worked both the paramedic and fire suppression side of the business. He is well rounded and a perfect fit to lead the fire prevention bureau under the auspices of the Deputy Fire Chief Andrew Engemann.

Battalion Chief Patten is the main contact for fire prevention related issues, business inspections, new construction inspections, and other Fire Code related answers.

General Inquiries


For construction inspections contact Battalion Chief Brian Patten, call 385-248-0073 or email


Request 24-48 hours in advance by calling 385-248-0073, Monday thru Thursday.

There is no cost for inspections.

Not as a rule, but we will perform an inspection on request of the home owner.

Plans shall be submitted through the Community Development Department electronically with a set designated “Fire Department”. After the review and approval process, permits will be issued and construction may begin.

All acceptance testing per the International Fire Code to include underground piping, fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, fire pumps etc.

Plans should be submitted to a 3rd Party Fire Engineering Company for review. After review and approval, the plans will be stamped and returned to the sender, if requested.

Approved 3rd Party Reviewers

  • PCI (Protection Consultants Inc.)
    Bob Goodloe (801)295-6070 Ext 4
    1199 South Main Street
    Centerville, Utah 84014
  • Superior Fire Protection Services (801) 228-7656
    5406 West 11000 North STE 103 #510
    Highland, Utah 84003
  • Van Boerum & Frank Associates Inc. (801) 530-3148
    330 South 300 East
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
  • Craig Blue PE Inc. (801) 913-3473
    1971 West 3300 South, Suite A

Daycare/Preschool Rules

It is the intent of the City to encourage business activities in appropriate commercial districts. Business activities may be conducted within a residence on a limited basis provided that the proposed activity complies with the standards and provisions herein. All home occupations including Day Care and Pre-Schools shall be secondary and incidental to the residential use of the structure. All home occupation activities shall occur completely within the residential structure and not out of doors or in any accessory building, such as a garage.

These Codes are a combination of the City Code, the International Building code, the International Fire Code and State Amendments to those codes.

Home Occupation Permit Fees: Please visit with Community Development.