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Frequently Asked Questions

Pleasant Grove Library Cards are free to current Pleasant Grove City residents. To obtain a library card, you need to bring with you to the library a picture ID and proof of a Pleasant Grove address. Proof of address could include a letter sent to you through the mail, a bill, a check, etc. Those under age 18 must be at least six years of age and must bring a legal guardian with them.

Because Utah County does not have a county-wide library system each city provides its own library access for its residents. Pleasant Grove City supports the library through property taxes, which each Pleasant Grove City household pays. Therefore, non-residents must pay a fee equivalent to the taxes assessed to PG residents. Currently, Pleasant Grove Library's out-of-city fee is $80.00 for a year, $45 for half a year, or $25 for three months. Some cities that do not have a library offer a partial refund to their residents. Please contact your city hall for more information regarding a refund.

You need to have a current and valid Pleasant Grove Library card to use the library computers to access the internet. If you do not have a card, you may pay $1.00 for guest access for a total time of one hour. Each patron is allowed to use the internet computers at the library for one hour a day. Unlimited wireless access to the internet is available to those who bring a computer with wireless capability.

The library allows a maximum of 50 items to be checked out per card.

Please do not tape any books or pages. The library uses special glue to fix ripped and torn pages and covers. Tape is actually bad for the paper books are printed on. So, if you accidentally rip a page or find a torn page, please gather the pieces and let a librarian know about the damage when you bring the item back.

Books and audio books can be checked out for three weeks. A fine of $.10 a day is assessed for items that are overdue. DVDs and Playaway Views can be checked out for one week. The overdue fine for these is $1.00 a day.

As long as the items you have checked out are not on hold for someone else, you may renew them up to three times. You can either call the library at 785-3950 to renew, or you may access your account online and renew them over the internet. One thing to note in regards to online renewal, is that you can renew your items up until the due date. If you attempt to renew after the due date, the online system will not allow you to renew. If this happens, just give the library a call for staff assistance.

You can use your Pleasant Grove City Library card at American Fork, Lehi, Highland and Eagle Mountain Libraries. Pleasant Grove City Library and these other libraries comprise the North Utah County Library Cooperative. Your card must be in good standing in order to use it at another library. (No fines over $10.00 and your card must be current.) For more information about North Utah County Library Cooperative (NUCLC), click here.